Our Soul Purpose

To use OUR creativity, expertise and knowledge of who you are to light YOUR brand’s fire.

SPIRIT passion… fun …perseverance… camaraderie | BELIEFS smart work.. teamwork… the best work… the power of creativity… positivity…laughter | Character irrepressible… courageous…go-getting… trail-blazing | MODUS OPERANDI find a problem…take a deep breathexhale a solution | FOCUS setting brands on fire | GREATEST IMAGINABLE CHALLENGE: to transform our smallest client into our biggest client

Corporate Designs


Print and Signage

Web and App Development

Social Media Strategy

TV and Multimedia

Our latest television ad showreel!

Produced, directed, filmed, edited and scripted in-house.

Contact us today for all your video production needs for YouTube, Social Media, or Television. No jobs too big or too small!

Printing Services

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Signage Services

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Fire Tree’s Key Assets

Dedicated Graphic Designers

What you see is what you get – so our talented team of graphic designers make sure your target market sees nothing but the best designs representing your brand.

Modern Design

While pulling out all the stops, our approach to design is clean, simple and cost-effective. We’ll not only come up with a great idea for you – we’ll make it come to life.

Talented illustrators

The internet is a source of great images – but sometimes, there are ideas so great that they never been drawn. That’s when our talented team of illustrators step in and weave their magic.

High Quality

Quality and attention to detail are things that we are obsessed with, along with meeting deadlines and leaving you amazed with what we come up with.

100% Dedicated Team

Every member of our team lives, breathes and sweats passion for brands. We’re a talented bunch of strategic thinkers, graphic designers, copywriters and web developers who will find the latest and greatest solution for your brand.

Experienced Developers

Fire Tree’s designers and programmers are at the cutting edge of the latest technologies. Read More…

Social Media Experts

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest – and whatever the next new kid on the social media block will be – we’ve got you covered. Your target market will be engaging with your brand before you know it – and that’s the way we ‘like’ it.

Exhibitions & Events

While you do what you best, we’ll take care of the marketing strategy, target market analysis and preparation of promotional materials.

TV and Video Specialists

TV and video are a couple of the most powerful advertising mediums around. At Fire Tree, we have what it takes to get your brand on screen.

Some Of Our Clients