DionWired – Share the #JOY Campaign

Brand Name: DionWired
Case Study: Christmas campaign – Share the #JOY

The Brief

To produce and breathe life into the campaign from the sketches our client provided showcasing their vision. We transformed this vision into TV advertising, social media promotions and print advertising.

How we did it


To work with a celebrity and social media influencer, and to include models who will capture the essence of. Our production processes took five days to complete.


To do a casting for possible model candidates to fill the mandate and encapsulate the perfect mix of magic and personality. There is a big difference between choosing models and choosing characters for a TV commercial. For TV purposes, we had to shoot test reels to see how comfortable each candidate was on set.

The Process


  • To liaise and communicate about how best to recreate the scenes with maximum impact. While choosing the correct team for the job is essential, creating an easy-to-follow story board and shot list is just as important to us. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and ensures that every member of the team shares the same vision. The final step to recreating the scenes was to source and purchase the right styling products.
  • To be organised and communicate effectively. Our first step was to liaise with our signage and printing companies team with regard to the manufacturing of the fabricated lettering. In order to obtain the desired glitter effect, we had to source paper that was shiny on one side and matte on the other. By cutting to the right size, we ensured that the paper would catch the light at the right angles. On the day of the shoot, the cameras had to do stills as well as shoot motion, so the story board and processes had to be carefully planned to maximise time. Extras needed to be shot as fillers, and to ensure that the final production team had enough information to work with. This was to ensure that there were no negative comebacks with regards to the shoot.
  • To create reusable elements. The three-dimensional letters not only be part of the shoot – they were also designed to be used for future in-store promotions or activations.

Behind the scenes


DionWired behind the scenes videos


Final Thoughts

We’re really proud of how this campaign turned out, and we’re grateful that our client gave us the opportunity to “share the joy” with them by entrusting us with this task. When it comes to being creative, the first step is to have a solid relationship with the client, as this leads to trust. We pride ourselves on taking the time to build those relationships with every client.

The Final Product