Martha Stewart Explains Her Relationship With Snoop Dogg and Why She Loves Instagram

Adweek’s Media Visionary on changing media trends

If there’s one constant to Martha Stewart’s more than 30-year career, it’s change and the ability to seamlessly shift her brand across multiple mediums and platforms.

She’s written 89 books, published numerous magazines, appeared on countless TV shows and has created a sprawling merchandising business with hundreds of branded products.

Raquel Beauchamp for Adweek

It’s those reasons and more that Adweek named Stewart our 2017 Media Visionary, honoring her entrepreneurial vision to make good taste in living and entertaining attainable for the masses.

“If you have an idea that’s disruptive, a little bit new, that you’re going to be creating something that didn’t exist before, I would say go for it,” Stewart said.

We sat down with Stewart to talk about everything from her friendship with Snoop Dogg and their buzzy cooking show for VH1 called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner to why she likes to use Instagram (but not follow others’ posts).

“I like to do Instagram but I don’t like the time that it takes to look at all my hundreds of friends’ Instagrams,” Stewart says of her favorite social app.

Check out the video below for more from our interview.